European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions

Association Europeenne des Ports de Peche et Criees

asociacion europea de puertos pesqueros y lonjas



The market for fish is pan-European and many factors affect this and impact upon sale prices

Prices are driven by Supply and Demand not Production Costs


Identifying these variables at the European level and providing access to them would lead to better market understanding and we invite proposals on how to strengthen collective supply management and consequently improve price performance through group action, initiatives, negotiation or other means.  It is recognised that quality and traceability are key drivers in placing fresh fish in premium markets and member fishing ports and auctions, as the first point of landing and sale, are ideally placed to exploit and commercialise this in a concerted manner

Imports, usually of frozen product but some fresh, clearly have an influence on price as they offer processors and retailers an alternative that can be scheduled and pre-planned.

Conversely the very nature of fisheries and fresh fish landings is often cited as acting against consistently high prices at first sale


   There has not been a proper trial evaluating the provision of regular information on fresh fish


Capture zones and Consumer markets are far apart so coordinating one with the other across many species is a complex logistical exercise exacerbated by currency exchange rates


Species                                            Region


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Fuel Costs are a barometer on the economy and affect the ability to Produce




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