European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions


European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions

Association Europeenne des Ports de Peche et Criees

asociacion europea de puertos pesqueros y lonjas


Historically fresh fish is sold where the catching vessel 'berths' and across much of Europe this practice continues to greater or lesser degree. Thus there are many hundred landing sites and almost as many points of sale although increasingly concentration of supply is evident  (physically or virtually) with the trend towards market consolidation (buyer and seller).

Pareto applies i.e. 20% of auctions sell 80% of the catch.


EU auction sites (EAFPA study EFAD 127 pages)

The catch of Iceland, Faeroe Isles and Norway are significant and parts of the EEA and fresh fish suppliers into the EU 




Registered Office: Bovenberg 124, 1150, Brussels, Belgium