European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions

Association Europeenne des Ports de Peche et Criees

asociacion europea de puertos pesqueros y lonjas


Advisory Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture

a forum for ongoing dialogue with the industry in structure it has a plenary committee with official status and operates through four working groups with a technical remit.

  1. 1. Fisheries Resources and Management

  2. 2. Aquaculture

  3. 3. Markets and Trade policy

  4. 4. General Questions, including economics and the condition of the sector

EAFPA has legitimate interest in all aspects of these and currently sits on Group 3 (Markets and Trade Policy). In the review of ACFA it was proposed, amongst other matters, that EAFPA receive support funding from DG Mare to allow wider consultation of our member opinions


We are ably represented on this important Committee by NoŽl Devisch (MD of Vlaamse Visveiling - Zeebrugge & Oostende) who has extensive experience of EU institutions.


      Meetings are approximately quarterly with irregular related conferences


           Agendas and Minutes are published by DG Mare 






Registered Office: Bovenberg 124, 1150, Brussels, Belgium